People often ask me about hypnotherapy and there are many misconceptions. At all times you remain aware of your surroundings and it is usually described as a feeling of deep relaxation. Often there is a particular time, place or event in our past that holds the key to the issue or challenge that has brought someone to seek help. When in a trance state the unconscious is accessed and issues and challenges can be addressed by behaviour changing suggestions.

People come to me for all sorts of reasons. I have worked with clients wanting to resolve issues with alcohol, anger, anxiety, blood pressure, confidence, erectile dysfunction, goal-setting, insomnia, motivation, panic attacks, phobias, self-esteem, stop smoking, stress, tinnitus and weight loss.

These are only some of the issues that I have helped. Just as importantly, these issues may be symptoms of an underlying challenge for the individual in his or her life. By focusing on the underlying issues, like rings on a tree, these can be reconciled and resolved in a layered approach. I am able to devise a total therapeutic programme that will enhance your life and bring change from within.

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