I had some hypnotherapy sessions with you last May in preparation for my 4th round of IVF. We were successful and I now have a beautiful baby girl who is 5 months old. I often think about how I would imagine myself with my baby in my bedroom and listen to your recordings everyday and I really believe that the positive visualisation had a part to play in our success, so thank you for the part you played in our journey.

Anon, Tunbridge Wells – August 2019

We completed a course of counselling sessions with Sally this summer. Sally is very conscientious and thorough. It was apparent that she spent time thinking about us in preparation for our sessions, researching our interests and challenges which maximised our time spent with her. We worked with Sally individually and together as a family which was extremely helpful.

I felt grateful that it was Sally who we worked with. We connected with her and felt comfortable at all times during the sessions. At the end of each session we all felt, no matter how stressful the topic, positive, that we could work through the issues and over come them, often with a plan of how to do this. It was Sally’s careful direction that enabled this outcome and to that we can never thank her enough.

I would highly recommend Sally. We miss her!

CAS, Faversham – June 2019

Dear Sally, Thank you so much!

I feel more peace, stability and joy than ever before. The world around me is filling with happiness. My relationships are gaining depth and meaningfulness. To say that you and our counselling sessions have been integral in my future happiness is truly an understatement.
SR, Tunbridge Wells – December 2018

So I finished my intensive course! and guess what… I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!!!
I managed to keep my anxiety under control, I listened to the hypno recording the nights before the test to really help calm me down, and it worked!!
Thank you so so SO much for your help. I couldn’t have done it without you!!
HT, Tunbridge Wells – November 2018

It was very comforting to have you approach things in a personable way, and the session really helped me to find that…it was just nice to speak to someone as a person and you really helped me get a small sense of my real self for the first time.
Anon, Tunbridge Wells

The most helpful part was the non judgement I received about how the situation started and this allowed me to finally stop beating myself up over it and to forgive myself so I could move on and focus on getting better instead of focusing on how it started.
AE, Kings Hill

Thank you Sally. Meeting you was a pleasure and you will be in my mind, with your softly spoken voice, reassuring me when I have bad days.
I am glad it was you who was sent to me, I think I needed you to come into my life even though it was a short period, you have helped me gain back some positivity and confidence within myself. It was so nice to have someone who understands me and how I feel and didn’t judge me.

Thank you very much for yesterday, I feel absolutely fantastic and also I feel so chilled out. I went home and just sat there until about 11 o’clock absolutely chilled out and I have had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in about a year.
AM, Tunbridge Wells

I found myself in a place of amazing clarity…. Your unconscious knows which memories to go back to… it gave insight into areas of my life that have been full of confusion and in some cases great stress…it has brought me peace, but more than that, hypnotherapy has given me tools. When I get stressed again I am able to go back to the session and use the relaxation and other tools Sally has given me.
JD, Tunbridge Wells

Thank you for your help – I’m still a non-smoker, and don’t feel anywhere near as many cravings as a week ago!
CC, Lewes